202122-COMP208 - Group Software Project

202122-COMP208 - Group Software Project


What to do? 


The best way to approach COMP208 is by starting from what needs to be done. Here's a short suggested plan of action (check the rest of this page for additional details of anything unclear):

  • Set up Your Team. Make sure that your team is up and running right at the start of term. Look at the material in the pages on TeamsMeetings (which are a useful way to work together) and Planning ...  Ask me or your project monitor if you are not sure. 
  • Choose your Project. Once the team is formed you must decide on a project you want to work on. I put together a page providing an Introduction to this module, and what needs to be done. In particular few interesting project suggestions can be found here.
  • Start the Actual Work. The first issue to think about is REQUIREMENTS: what scenario you want to look at? what do you want to do? The first deadline is in week 3. Have a look at the Requirements page. 
  • The bulk of the IMPLEMENTATION comes after that. Useful videos and supporting material are provided in the Software QualityDemosPresentations, and Writing pages.
  • The final part of term (approximately a couple of weeks) should be spent producing a full Design document, and finalising the Project Portfolio, providing further information about your work.







Planning Design Requirements
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Software Demonstration


Software Quality Writing

Individual Submission


Team Activity Record



Course summary:

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