(The University experience in these unusual times can be daunting. Here I plan to leave a short user guide for this portal.  The current draft is below)

This portal contains module information, learning resources, and assessment resources related to COMP324.

  • The Home and People navigation links give you general information about the module, its content and the people involved.
  • The Modules1 link takes you to a number of links related to the learning and the assessment. Lecture topics. Tutorial material, and details and feedback related to the module assessment are all in there.
  • Also relevant to the learning experience are the Discussions and Reading Lists @ Liverpool links.
  • No coursework/exam solution or mark is stored in this portal.


... and here is a video recording of the first Q&A session, run on January 31st, describing the structure of the module etc.





Unfortunate word choice, i know, think of Canvas modules as just Folders ...

Course summary:

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